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Thierry Huillet

won 1st Prize at the 1987 Cleveland International Piano Competition. He was also a prizewinner at the prestigious Busoni Competition and Tokyo Competition.

Thierry Huillet has enjoyed a celebrated career, highlighted by international prizes, appearances in the most prestigious halls, critical success as a performer-composer, and an acclaimed permanent duet with violinist Clara Cernat (www.pianoviolon.com), internationally recognized through their concert schedule and successful CD recordings.

As a soloist, he was invited to perform with numerous orchestras, including the Cleveland Orchestra, RAI Orchestra and many others. In 2010 and 2011, he has toured in China, Japan, USA, England, Scotland, France, Spain, Belgium, Argentina, Brazil, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Greece, Vietnam, Libya, Croatia, Paraguay.

Thierry Huillet is also a recognized composer. His works are performed throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and South & North America by great musicians, in prestigious venues: Teatro Coliseo (Buenos Aires), Hanoï Opera House, Romanian Athenaeum (Bucharest), etc. Many institutions commission works by Thierry Huillet, such as Radio France ( 5 Haïku for viola and piano), the Epinal International Piano Competition (“7 Haikus” Editions Leduc, Paris), etc.

Numerous broadcasts have been dedicated to Thierry Huillet as a composer, as well as complete concert evenings and CDs. Thierry Huillet is a distinguished teacher and jurist in international competitions, senior professor at the Toulouse Conservatoire, France.

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Music for orchestra based on the original work d’Antoine de Saint Exupéry ©Gallimard 1946

voice Olivier Bellamy , child voice Maël Souillot
Violin Clara Cernat , Direction Christophe Mangou , Orchestre National du Capitole

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