Carmen Martínez-Pierret


Carmen Martínez-Pierret


Is a Spanish pianist acclaimed by critics for her “deep and true sensitivity” and her natural ability to reveal “the hidden side of music”.

Described by the newspaper Le Figaro as “a pianist who shakes things up”, she was quick to express her interest in other forms of artistic expression and her desire to escape the traditional framework of the recital by creating original, cross-disciplinary projects. As a committed soloist, she enjoys defending the works of women composers (from the 18th century to the present day). The search for silence in music is also part of her spiritual and legal quest. Her taste for contemporary music has enabled her to create works of which she is the dedicatee; but she is also a performer who pays close attention to the classical and romantic heritage.

Duo with actor Eric Pierrot

In 2013, Carmen formed a duo with actor Eric Pierrot. Together they created the literary concert “Résonance(s)”, commissioned by the Festival “Notes d’Automne” and based on the music of the Catalan composer Federico Mompou. Their new show, “Entre deux guerres” (Between two wars), reflects this historic period, bringing together poems and music by Apollinaire, Owen, Eluard, Prévert, Poulenc, Rachmaninov and Kurt Weill. For the latter, she also collaborated with soprano Laia Falcon. Carmen Martínez-Pierret studied with Manuel Carra and Carles Marquès, as well as with the Brazilian pianist Luiz de Moura Castro – assistant to Lili Kraus at the University of Texas, then professor at the Hartt School of Music. She has perfected her skills with Paul Badura-Skoda, Josep Colom, Nina Svetlanova and Claude Helffer.

Round About Mozart

In 2021 she will be releasing ‘Round About Mozart‘ with French jazz pianist Guillaume de Chassy and on his CD, Round about Mozart, on his label Thelxínoe Music. A record of free interpretation and jazz improvisation on the repertoire of the famous pianist.


Carmen Martínez-Pierret gives many courses, seminars and lectures: Académie György Sébók [France], SIPO d’Óbidos [Portugal], Menéndez Pelayo University in Santander, Hartt School of Music (USA), École Normale Alfred Cortot in Paris, CRR de Toulouse, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, etc. She has been a member of the jury for prestigious prizes in the field of music. She has been a member of the jury of prestigious international competitions, such as the Bordeaux Competition (string quartet) and the Épinal Competition (piano).

Since 2002 she has been President and Artistic Director of musica activa, an association which organises international courses and training sessions in classical music in Canfranc (Comarca de la Jacetania, Huesca, Pirineo Aragonés) at the beginning of each summer. The content of Pirineos Junior and Pirineos Classic is based around one fundamental objective: to offer top-quality musical training to students at conservatoires and music schools – at all levels – and to young professionals – at the end of their higher and postgraduate studies – including specific offers for very young children [from the age of 3] and for amateurs [choir and percussion workshops].
The Pireneos Classica Festival offers concerts and events focusing on contemporary classical music during the period of its courses.

“NANA” Cinema-concert
del quatuor Prima Vista .